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Having a pest infestation could pose a serious health risk in the home. You should take the necessary measures before things get out of hand. This will mean looking for Termite Treatment Miami or a professional who knows how to get rid of pests. You may be looking for a professional for the first...

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4 years ago
Excellent service. They were on time, professional performance and talking. My bugs issues was solved immediately. 100% recommended.
- Diana L
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Good company to work with. Honest and knowledgeable!!
- Mag w
5 years ago
Roaches were popping up everywhere in my living room a few weeks ago, I called Best Miami Pest Control, and they were able to handle the situation quickly, with great customer care and I haven't seen one since. So grateful: you guys rock. Thank you.
- Cheri L

Miami Termite Treatment

Miami Termites are regarded as one of the most destructive pests in existence and as such they should be carefully prevented against and in cases of infestation, proper steps should be taken to promptly control the spread and also limit the amount of damage caused on the property. While termites are known for their nasty habit of coming into the home and making themselves known only after significant havoc has been wreaked, there is the need for homeowners to understand some of the common signs which indicate the presence of termites on their property. 

As a homeowner, below are some of the common signs to watch out for indicating the presence of termites on your property and the need to hire Termite Companies in Miami. 


Group of discarded wings  
One of the commonest signs indicating the rise of termite problems in the home is the presence of discarded wings in areas around the home. The discarded wings are as a result of wing shedding which is done when the termite season begins as swarms of termites migrate to different areas of the building to establish their colonies. Once these migrating termites find a suitable location, they settle in and begin the process of mating and re-population, however, before this, they leave signs of their presence in the form of shed wings. When inspecting your property, ensure to keep an eye out for discarded wings as this may suggest the presence of termite colonies nearby.  

Mud Tubes on the walls or structures
Following nuptial flights by matured male and female termites seeking to establish their own colonies, they settle down in areas with suitable conditions and head on to repopulate. This often times calls for the building of mud tubes which serves as a home and may in time develop to become a termite mound. Once you notice the presence of shelter tubes or mud tubes in the wall or on wooden structures, this is an indication that you may be dealing with termite problems and thus calls for prompt Termite Control in Miami.  

Bubbling or cracked paint  
When observing your routine building or property inspection, keep an eye out for bubbling or cracked paints which may be caused by water or in some other situations, termite activities. When you take a look at your drywall and along the baseboards and find flaking or bubbling, this may be a sign of termite activities and it is recommended that you call on Termite Companies in Miami to take a look and apply needed treatments to keep your property safe.  

Termite droppings  
Termites are known to produce a large amount of dropping which is otherwise known as frass. These droppings are most common as a result of their eating habit and may be a major sign indicating that you have a termite problem on your hands. When left unattended to, the droppings may accumulate in the home forming a wood colored pellet which bears striking appearance to bird seeds.  

Damaged or Hollow Sounding wood  
Another common indicator that you may be dealing with termite problems on your property is the presence of hollow sounding or damaged woods. This in most cases indicates a long term presence of the termites as they have successfully eaten through the core of the wood thus causing it to collapse or sound hollow when knocked on. Once such development is noticed, it is recommended that you take prompt action as the weak wood may pose health and safety risks to inhabitants of the property.  


Having properly understood the common signs of termite infestation in the home, there is the need to take significant steps to ensure that you do not have to spend much on termite control and replacement of damaged properties by choosing termite inspection and proper Termite Treatment in Miami.  

Wondering why you should invest in termite inspection? Below are some of the reasons why you should pay attention to this maintenance practice. 

Catch termites early 
“Prevention is better than cure,” and in this case, catching termite infestation early can reduce the total amount of money spent on termite treatment and financial demands of replacing damaged structures. The longer you wait to have your property inspected for possible termite problems, the more time you allow for termite activities which may compromise the integrity and structure of your property.  

Prevent them from getting in

Another major advantage of investing in termite inspection is that it allows you access to information about possible areas of the home which may be compromised thus giving termites an entryway and also allows you properly protect your property from termite entrance and establishment. Inspecting the home for termites will help you find possible problems and compromises which needs prompt fixing.  

It’s safe and less expensive  

Choosing to employ professional termite inspectors to look into your property is both safe and less expensive as professionals are well trained and know where to look in the home. This however cannot be said explicitly for DIY techniques as this does not guarantee that homeowners know exactly what to look for and where. Getting a professional involved also saves you from the future spending which may be required in the event of structural compromise or damages caused by termites.


To ensure that your home remains safe and free of termites all year round, before or after inspections, below are some of the recommended steps to take to keep your property impenetrable.  

  1. Get rid of moisture as termites are known to love wet and damp areas in the home, especially on wood.
  2. Prevent contact of wood and soil as this is a basic prerequisite for termite activities
  3. Close any cracks and openings in the home as this may serve as entryway for termites and other pests.
  4. Prevent Termite Tenting in Miami homes by saying no to mulch, especially when your home garden isn’t far off from the building
  5. Be careful with plants as termites are known to revolve mostly around plants in the yard and surrounding areas of the home.
  6. Avoid storing wood in the yard, especially untreated wood.
  7. Ensure the use of termite resistant woods for major installations such as decks and patios, and more.

For more information on termites and pest control, give Best Miami Pest Control a call today or visit our website!

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