Posted on Apr 2, 2019

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There are different species of squirrels but the tree squirrels are known to cause havoc in the home. This is because they inhabit the garage and attic thus causing damages. The damages come about when they gnaw on the interior and exterior of electric wiring, cables, timbers, and walls. You can easily know that squirrels are inhabiting your home because they are never modest and make a lot of noise going about their business. Squirrels are abundant in the wild because their numbers can’t be compared with the predators. As a homeowner, you should make sure that squirrels don’t get in the house. This could be a challenge given the size of the house. But there are some tips that could come in handy. Squirrels have their preferred diet source. They are likely to stick around so long as their dietary needs are met. Birdseed is known to attract squirrels and you should ensure it is not found anywhere near the home. You can use gutter guards to reduce the number of squirrels accessing the house through the rooftop. You should trim tree branches regularly so that there are no bridges that connected the house. Foundation cracks should be repaired as soon as they happen to prevent any easy access points. Getting rid of squirrels is going to be an ongoing process until you’re sure they’re all gone.

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